Thinking of tomorrow

Tomorrow they kids are going on an Easter egg hunt, and I’m going to a church thing ever my art will be on display and I will be performing a comedy monologue about texting.
Hopefully, if things go to plan, my friends will be coming with me to cheer me on.

Wish me luck!


Eww momma! I don’t want to eat THAT!

Mom was brave tonight and made us a keish. I love it personally, but getting five other kids to eat it? Good luck with THAT. Probably the most amusing part of being an older sister is seeing how silly the complaints about the, GENERALLY, good food or parents made for us were. Then again, my parents haven’t tried to feed us liver or hagus 😛

Fun at the farm

Today the family spent the afternoon at our local creamery, which is a fancy name for a dairy farm.
My parents thought it would be funny to see my reaction to seeing cows, due to my obsession with cows. We took a 1.6 mile hike around the main field. Which went through a beautiful section of a wooded area next to a crawl, whet we found fossils, animal prints, and we even saw a woodpecker. Then had some of the creamery’s ice cream, which tasted like heaven.
They had the most adorable calves, I think they were twins, they were both a golden brown. I’m pretty sure the paper said they were Swedish cows.

I’m a Mormon

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this but my family is a Mormon family. Do we fit the stereotype of Mormons having tons of kids? Yes, we do. Laugh as much as you want but, I’m a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I LOVE it.

Dentist’s…..oh joy

Some of the family has to go to the dentist this morning, lucky for me I didn’t get dragged along. I can only imagine how much fun my dad is having there while I’m cozy at home with Netflix and my blogs
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Adventures in the magical land of goodwill

Me and the family took a fun little trip in our new 8 passenger mini van down to our local goodwill
There was some pretty good stuff there, I got a cure black dress to wear for a comedy monologue I’m performing in a few days!
The kids all got some toys and stuff like that
Seem like me and mom are still the only two who cares more about clothes, lol