Here comes the Easter bunny!

So today the “Easter bunny” came to visit. We all got candy (duh) but no jelly beans (?), We got kits to grow a little plant in, and also a stuffed animal. I got a cow, which if you don’t already know this, I have an obsession with cows (they’re SO CUTE! I love them soooo much!).

We went to church today, which was fun. All of the little kids got some candy, which led to a very interesting car ride home >.

Later we’ll be sending a call out to all of the relatives. We’re trying to get this link out to all of the family so they can stalk us and see how we’re doing and what we are up to!

I’ve been getting lots of views from the U.S. as well as Australia, the UK, and France! Which I’m very excited about! Hopefully my wonderful readers will spread the word about this blog to their wordpress friends and help me out!
Pretty please with a cherry on top?


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