Here comes the Easter bunny!

So today the “Easter bunny” came to visit. We all got candy (duh) but no jelly beans (?), We got kits to grow a little plant in, and also a stuffed animal. I got a cow, which if you don’t already know this, I have an obsession with cows (they’re SO CUTE! I love them soooo much!).

We went to church today, which was fun. All of the little kids got some candy, which led to a very interesting car ride home >.

Later we’ll be sending a call out to all of the relatives. We’re trying to get this link out to all of the family so they can stalk us and see how we’re doing and what we are up to!

I’ve been getting lots of views from the U.S. as well as Australia, the UK, and France! Which I’m very excited about! Hopefully my wonderful readers will spread the word about this blog to their wordpress friends and help me out!
Pretty please with a cherry on top?


Devine by design

Every year our church has all of the girls do a big activity. This year we did a talent show casing. People brought in art, they sang, danced, and I performed a comedy monologue.
I entered a cross stiched pillow, an oil painting, melted crayons on a canvas, an ink painting with my name in Japanese. Then I did a comedy monologue (which I added a bunch of stuff to on the spot). It went very well. Lots of people commented that I was really funny. And lots of other people said my art was very nice!


In the words of my wonderful, but VERY sarcastic, mother “whining at me is loserly”
Every family had to deal with whining. In some cases it’s worse than others. Some kids whine for attention, out of frustration, or because their parents didn’t teach them how to “use their words”. 
My mom taught me better. My mom ignored our whining, which generally was an effective tactic.

Easter egg hunt

Today there was an Easter egg hunt at our friends local church. There were at least a hundred kids. The little kids all got tons of candy the older kids didn’t have as much luck.
The church people decided two sides of the church. One of the kids six and younger, the other side was for seven and older. The little kids side was FILLED with candy. Other older kids side had less candy and was hidden better.
I went with my younger brother to the little kids side, accompanied by my best friend R. It was a fun morning to get into the Easter mood.
If any of you are wondering, Mormons celebrate Easter pretty much just like Christian’s. We do Easter baskets and church services.

Thinking of tomorrow

Tomorrow they kids are going on an Easter egg hunt, and I’m going to a church thing ever my art will be on display and I will be performing a comedy monologue about texting.
Hopefully, if things go to plan, my friends will be coming with me to cheer me on.

Wish me luck!

Eww momma! I don’t want to eat THAT!

Mom was brave tonight and made us a keish. I love it personally, but getting five other kids to eat it? Good luck with THAT. Probably the most amusing part of being an older sister is seeing how silly the complaints about the, GENERALLY, good food or parents made for us were. Then again, my parents haven’t tried to feed us liver or hagus 😛

Fun at the farm

Today the family spent the afternoon at our local creamery, which is a fancy name for a dairy farm.
My parents thought it would be funny to see my reaction to seeing cows, due to my obsession with cows. We took a 1.6 mile hike around the main field. Which went through a beautiful section of a wooded area next to a crawl, whet we found fossils, animal prints, and we even saw a woodpecker. Then had some of the creamery’s ice cream, which tasted like heaven.
They had the most adorable calves, I think they were twins, they were both a golden brown. I’m pretty sure the paper said they were Swedish cows.